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Cancer is a medical term for malignant neoplasm. Cancer involves uncontrolled division on abnormal cells, which invade to other body tissues and lymph system.

Cancer exhibit three important properties:

  • Uncontrolled growth
  • Invasion
  • Metastasis.

Oncology is the diagnosis, treatment, study and prevention of cancer.

Cancer affects animals and humans of all ages as according to American Society of Cancer during 2007 death rate of people suffering from cancer was 7.6 million.13% human deaths are due to cancer.



Normal cells of a body divide grow and then reproduce in a normal way but in the early stages of man’s life normal cells begin to divide rapidly to allow a human being to grow .After an adult stage, the cells divide just to replace the old ones, for the heal of injuries etc.

Cancer cells are not alike normal cells, they do not die out instead they continue forming more and more abnormal cells, as they are uncontrolled, so they invade to other tissues of a body system but normal cells do not invade.

A damage to DNA cause cells to be abnormal and cancerous, it cannot be repaired at all in case of cancer this abnormal cell with a damaged DNA start division, making more and more new cells, which are not required by the body. All these cells will have the exact DNA abnormality as the very first cell does.

DNA damage is inherited or can cause by environmental effects but many times causes are not so clear. Cigarette smoking is a major cause seen so far.


In most cases cancer cells produce tumors but not exactly in case of Leukemia, which involves blood, circulate through other body organs and developed there forming a mass of cancerous cells, which then form a tumor.

Cancer is a most widespread cause of death in USA.More than half of Americans are being suffering from cancer. A person’s lifestyle is most concerning regarding cancer mitigation factors, as a negative change in a person’s lifestyle can cause harmful effects not for that individual but to the whole society as well, as people are most concerning to a change in person’s behavior or daily activities.


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