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Reduction of overall total mass of a body due to loss of body fat or fluid is a precise definition that comes under the context of medicine.

Any connective tissue, muscles or tendons that a body loses due to weight loss also included in this category. Weight loss can be conscious or unconscious.Unconciously a body loss weight due to a long term disease or intentionally due to personal efforts, striving for a better attractive physique. Excessive weight loss is also hazardous as it affects one’s physique greatly.


One can reduce weight for the improvement of health, appearance and fitness. Weight loss can occur unintentionally when ever there is imbalance in the energy production and its utilization. A poor management of diabetes mellitus generally leads to insufficient insulin and excessive glucose in the blood which releases triglycerides from fat tissue (adipose) and extensive catabolism of amino acids in the muscle tissues. This result in the loss of fat as well as lean mass which results in the significant reduction in body weight. Diabetes mellitus of type 1 actually does not produce a weight loss in a body as a person becomes ill before one had any time to lose weight.

Other additional considerations applied to weight loss include: physiological sciences, nutritional sciences, and behavioral sciences etc.Severe diabetes can be evident from ketone bodies, particles of acetone that occur in those tissues and body fluids involved in ketosis or acidosis. An HIV infection also leads to unintentional weight loss in a body. Hyperthyroidism also exhibits weight loss.

Weight can lose intentionally if individuals who are obese or overweight can overcome developing diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis.

A negative balance of energy can cause weight loss. When a body consumes more energy than gaining; it uses stored energy reserves in the form of fat gradually leading to loss of weight in a body. ip info . Some people who are already in their ideal body weight and fitness want to lose additional weight for a better athletic performance in sports. As a result, being underweight, they lose the ability to fight health risks associated with osteoporosis, infection, reduced muscle strength and death risk.


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