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Seeking medical care of pancreatic cancer

Seeking medical care for pancreatic cancer is essential if the symptoms appear. Despite the initial and basic medical treatments, if jaundice, unexplained weight loss and pain persist, regardless of further evaluation and diagnosis, it should be checked and pursued regularly.


What to ask to a doctor?

A person in which pancreatic adenocarcinoma is diagnosed should be aware of such questions like: In which part of a body my cancer is located? How much cancer has spread? What treatment should I adopt? What would be the overall objective of treatment in this case history? When should I adopt hospice and palliative care if there is no expectation of cure and therapy in my case and what should I need to know about any advance directives? If treatment is proposed what could be the effects and side effects of the diagnosed treatment? How would I find out a clinical trial?

Tests and exams for pancreatic cancer?

While physical examination, a physician feels a mass in the abdominal center. However, pancreatic cancer is rarely diagnosed using a physical examination and absence of any abnormalities does not dissuade from visiting to a doctor, taking imaging test if there are persistent symptoms of a pancreatic cancer present.

Main imaging test used to help diagnose pancreatic cancer include an abdominal ultrasound.If a pancreatic tumor is  seen in an ultrasound, CT scans are still necessary for more information. Abdominal computed tomography; This is a test of own choice for diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. CT scans detect small tumors of the pancreas, which may be missed by ultrasound. In addition, CT scan precisely detect if the mass is extended beyond the patient’s pancreas,its relationship to blood vessels and organs nearby and information necessary for planning the surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. If you suspect a tumor of the pancreas, a specialized computed tomography called pancreatic protocol scan is suggested preferably before Surgery.


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