What is breast cancer? A brief introduction


Breast cancer definition: Cancer which is formed in breast tissues usually in the ducts (ducts that used to carry the milk to nipples) and lobules (glands, which make milk).Its occurrence is common in both male and female, although breast cancer in males is rare.In US new cases for breast cancer in females and males are 192,370 and 1,910 respectively while the death rate in female is 40,170 and in male is 440.

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Majority of breast cancers are actually diagnosed due to abnormality which is seen on mammogram. A change in the consistency of a breast tissue is an alarming sign of this disease. Breast cancer risk assessment and its heightened awareness has eventually led many women in US that are undergoing mammography for a proper screening which is leading to the detection of cancer in early stages and eventually their resultant improvement in surprisingly survival rates. Still, it is now a most common death cause in females especially between the ages of 45-55.Males do suffer from breast cancer but is only one percent of all death causes n males.

There has been an extensive research on the symptoms, causes and treatment of breast cancer. Now it is proved that there are many genetic and hormonal causes as primary breast cancer risk factors. Staging of breast cancer has now been developed that allow doctors to standardize and characterize the nature and extent to determine how a particular cancer can spread.

Treatment actually involves surgery, in some cases mastectomy can be done, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.Death rate has been declined to about 20% with the advancements in the treatment, diagnosis and screening. Research has been increasing day by day for more advancement.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

Common symptoms include: A change in nipple feel, a lump in breast or in underarm area, change in shape and size of breast, a nipple actually turned inward towards the breast. The breast skin becomes red or swollen just like the skin of an orange it gets pity appearance. Breast also undergoes a spontaneous discharge at any time other than nursing. These symptoms should be evaluated by a physician.


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