Symptoms of Breast Cancer and screening process


Before breast cancer symptoms developed, screening is most important. Screening basically helps physicians and doctors to find the final treatment for cancer. When cancer is diagnosed early, treatment will work well. Screening tests suggested by doctor include: Breast self-exam, clinical breast exam and screening mammogram.


Screening mammogram
It is recommended that women of 40s should have their mammograms every one to two years. Mammograms are ,in fact, breast x-rays. Women of early 40s should ask their doctor how frequent they should undergo mammograms. Mammograms generally a lump in breast before it is felt. They can also exhibit tiny speck like structures of calcium, which are called microcalcifications.These specks may be from precancerous cells, cancer or some other conditions.

If some abnormal cells are present, some more tests are required. A biopsy is the only test which can confirm the presence of cancer in a body. Sometimes mammograms do not give perfect results, for example false negative are those results in which cancer information is missing while false positive results are those in which mammograms often show those results that do not lead to cancer. Sometimes it happens that tumors grow large and spread to different parts of a body.Small dose of x rays as in dental x-rays may not cause harmful effects but repeated x-rays may cause harm.

Clinical breast exam

It generally takes 10 min for a thorough examination which includes rubbing, feeling and squeezing of breasts for any fluid, lumps or breast swelling. Breast skin is checked for any abnormal signs, rash or dimples.

Breast self-exam

One can perform her monthly breast examination to diagnose if there is any change in the breasts. These changes can occur pursuant to a menopause, aging, pregnancy, menstrual cycle or if some hormones or birth control pills have been taken, it is important to consider a complication if  breast looks  little uneven and lumpy also it is not uncommon that breast look tender and little swollen before and during the menstrual period. If there are some abnormal changes, one should consult doctor immediately.

Breast self exams generally do not replace the regular screening and clinical breast exams. Researches have not proven that breast self exams can reduce the risk of producing and developing breast cancer.


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