Breast Cancer Awareness & Biological Therapy


Biological therapy helps our immune system to fight with cancer. This immune system is basically the natural defense mechanism of our body. Some women are given medical biological therapy treatment for breast cancers, which is called Herceptin.It is basically a monoclinal antibody which is made in the laboratory and then binds to the cancer cells.Herceptin is given to those women whose diagnosis and lab tests confirm the development of breast cancer and the warning signs of breast cancer.


In these women, the breast tumors have a significant amount of protein called HER2 and by blocking this protein, the growth and development of cancer cells can be slowed down.Herceptin is given to the patients by vein either alone or along with chemotherapy.

When taken first time it has many side effects, such as chill and fever while others have the symptoms such as weakness, pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, rashes and difficulty in breathing but these symptoms become mild after a first treatment.Use of Herceptin may cause heart failure. It has a severe effect on lungs and breathing problems. Lungs and heart should be monitored constantly to avoid complications.

A glimpse at breast reconstruction

Women who decide for mastectomy also plan to have their breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction can be done at the same time as mastectomy as should be talked to a plastic surgeon before treatment by mastectomy.

There has been many ways for breast reconstruction. Some women decided for breast implantation in which implants are made of silicone or saline.FDA (Food and Drug administration) has viewed the safety of breast implants for many years.

Another phenomenon of breast reconstruction is that a plastic surgeon moves tissues from other parts of a body like muscles, skin or fat are taken from lower abdomen, buttocks or back and plastic surgeon makes use of these tissues to form a breast shape. In short, choice of a type of breast reconstruction depends on the body type, age and the type of surgery patient demands. A plastic surgeon should explain the benefits and risks of each kind of breast reconstruction methods for the awareness of a patient.


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