How will you pamper your skin this winter?


Every season has its own bloom. Both summer and winter are refreshing if you pay little attention to your skin. People usually don’t use moisturizers in summer, but they need to take proper care of their skin in winter as skin begins to dry, irritating and itchy in winter.

Here are some suggestions as a winter care skin remedy for all women who likes to be perfect and care

Skin can be hydrated from deep inside by a regular intake of sufficient water. Skin will then soon have a sparkling and healthy glow. Avoid washing face with a tap water as it often contains chloride and fluoride as well as some undesirable chemicals, which can make the skin more dry and rough.One should use mineral or ice cold water for washing face, and it would have additional benefits if a face is cleansed with alcohol free cleanser or some cleansing milk before washing face. Milk and toners actually remove impurities and dirt and make the skin to glow by refining pores leaving the skin soft, supple and hydrated.

Winter makes the skin dry and skin conditions become worse if a proper moisturizer is not used. Common lotions and creams available in the market that contains petroleum products and mineral oils should not be used, instead of it the use of creams and skin care products containing natural hypo allergic ingredients are most effective. After a morning shower, patting the whole body with coconut oil or cocoa butter is a better skin care treatment as they contain usually naturally occurring, protective and nourishing ingredients like proteins, skin friendly vitamins A, C, D, E and essential oils. Natural lotions and creams are more beneficial for a dry skin as they not only moisturize and heal the skin but also protect the skin from aging.

Instead of having dry and cracked skin, a humidifier system keeps skin soft and supple. Use of a good exfoliating scrub or facial skin care helps remove dead and old cells from the skin making the skin feel fresh, healthier looking and glowing.

Moisturizer should be oil based. Use of ointments in this regard is important as they contain 80%oil and 20%water.

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