Symptoms of abdominal pain in children (cont.)


Vomiting in children is common in abdominal pain but not always the case that represents a serious problem. However, with the duration of abdominal pain; nausea and vomiting which are the simplest abdominal pain causes, goes quickly. Another rule is that vomiting longer than 24 hours is a legitimate and authentic reason to contact a doctor.


Diarrhea is very common as an abdominal pain cause and usually indicates that viruses are active. This can continue for several days but usually only takes less than 72 hours or three days. Any blood in the stool is an indication to seek a physician immediately.
Groin pain is a serious problem that a kid may describe as an abdominal pain generally comes from anywhere else. This testicular torsion condition in which the testicle twists off the blood supply .Child may feel shame to mention the exact location .Testicular problem usually easy to repair if it is treated before complications proceed further. Therefore, if the child suffers from a pain in testicles or in the groin area one should seek an immediate medical aid.

As a general rule, if the child appears ill in addition to being a pain patient one should seek medical help. Key to look for things when abdominal pain occurred: appear pale, sweating, or child sleepy or listless. Moreover, it should be considered when a child could not divert his attention from pain while playing, or if he refuses to drink or eat for many hours. The most simplest pain is in the middle of the abdomen. The child is to rub his belly button. Pain in other areas is more severe. This is particularly true for the localized pain on the abdomen’s right side. Pain in this area is regarded as appendicitis until affirmed. In case of green or yellow vomiting or if blood appears in vomiting one should seek medical aid immediately.

Fever is the symptom that does not always signify a very serious problem.So; a normal temperature is recorded when there is a severe abdominal pain.z


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