What is the abdominal pain in children?


Abdominal pain is the most common cause of trouble for parents with a child that makes him go to the doctor. Review of abdominal pain for parents and a doctor is a challenge. Possible causes for a number of child’s abdominal pain may range from trivial to life-threatening and with a little difference in the child’s ailment complaint. Luckily, abdominal pain in children improved rapidly. Every parent or guardian faces a very tough situation, whether to seek a medical care or not.abdominal_pain

What are the causes of abdominal pain in children?

Infections: Bacteria and viruses are the major cause of abdominal pain, which is from gastroenteritis like gut flu or stomach flu.

Poisoning: It involves very simple complications like eating soap, swallowing some iron pills and over dosage of medicines like acetaminophen poisoning or Tylenol.

Food related: Food allergies, food poisoning (having symptoms like stomach or gut flu) or any gas production can cause temporary discomfort and bloating.

Surgical problems: These include bowel blockage and appendicitis.

Medical causes: A child may have abdominal pain due to spider bite or diabetes.

What are the symptoms of abdominal pain in children?

Parent or guardian may notice symptoms of abdominal pain in a child. Infants and young babies can cry to express a pain and twisted. Small children are usually quick to tell what is right and wrong. Some adolescents may be hesitant to report abdominal pain, and parents or guardians should try to get a clear explanation of what they feel.

Duration of pain: An important and essential thing to be remembered is that most of the simplest causes of abdominal pain and complications do not generally last very long. Most of us have been bloating or stomach ailments / intestinal flu and remember that the pain generally lessens within 24 hours. Any abdominal ailment for more than 24 hours should be analyzed and evaluated by a doctor because any ignorance may result in even more severe complications later. A general physical examination can better describe the cause of abdominal pain whatever the severity may be.


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