What is the Major Cause of Miscarriage?


Unfortunately there are many women who experience miscarriages for no special reason. It is very difficult to find a proper cause of miscarriage especially if occurs during the period of first trimester. A doctor examines fetal tissue to determine the cause of miscarriage. Sometimes, cause of miscarriage is determined after a careful examination.


Chromosomal abnormalities
The most common cause cause of early miscarriage is the chromosomal abnormality. Actually 70% of miscarriages in first trimester period are the consequence of

chromosomal abnormalities.

Chromosomes are strands that carry’s baby’s DNA.A baby has 23 pairs of chromosomes ,the main function of which is to exhibit physical characteristics which are responsible for their special functions. After fertilization more often it happens that egg start to split abnormally creating and forming the wrong number of chromosomes. Molar pregnancies, which are basically those having abnormal development of faetus or in which amniotic membrane or placenta does not develop are some of the common types of chromosomal abnormalities.

Blighted Ovum

Blighted ovum is another cause of miscarriages. A blighted ovum infact form when in uterus pregnancy sac formed but does not contain any fetus. Due to some reasons a baby stops developing in the early stages and there have never been the presence of embryo at all. Blighted ovum pregnancy is detected by ultrasound although sometimes they go unnoticed.

Ectopic Pregnancy

It is also called tubal pregnancy which occurs when fertilized egg is implanted outside a woman’s uterus.Ectopic pregnancies usually develops within fallopian tubules although they can also occur in ovaries or in abdomen. Symptoms of Ectopic pregnancy include a severe abdominal pain.

Miscarriage Treatment

There is no treatment for miscarriage. Uterus expel baby along with pregnancy tissue through vagina like a period. If bleeding continues a doctor performs curettage and dilation. This will remove all such tissues that remain in uterus.

Pregnancy after a Miscarriage

Although a miscarriage is a difficult and frightening experience, many females go on having successful pregnancies. One should recover completely to conceive again. Recovery depends upon emotional and physical state. Once a woman have regular menstrual cycles, it would become possible then to conceive again.


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