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Eating disorder treatment

There are many different types of eating disorders. The most eminent are bulimia, anorexia and binge eating disorder. These three have their own different symptoms.


People starve with anorexia. In this condition person eat a little; It takes diet pills and an extensive exercise. Bulimia involves eating normal to excess and then purge. Binge eating is also similar-a person eats and eats compulsively. They can’t stop themselves even upon feeling guilty if they become full.

There has been a large number of warning signs for erroneous eating habits. First of all, a person starts eating a restrictive diet. They skip meals and start counting calories paying attention on how much they eat daily.

For people who are binging warning signs are little more difficult to highlight because people binge in secret. Sudden weight fluctuation and weight loss are one of the most evident signs. They start complaining about their fitness issues. If you think your loved one has an eating disorder you should immediately seek doctor but the type of treatment depends upon what kind of eating disorder is there. The treatment should be both physically and psychologically.

Often several different types of therapies are required to cure a single eating disorder. Some require nutritional counseling. A nutritionist can help how a person can eat healthily that will help them to bring their body back into shape. They will learn how they can eat the best meals, maintain a healthy weight and execute dietary goals.

For an extended time period, a person should seek help from a counselor or therapist that will help to investigate why they want to eat so much or little than the requirement. This act is most important rather than visiting a nutritionist. The reason is that a person can never recover truly, unless the main cause of abnormal eating is found. Joining support groups for those having eating disorders can also help in this regard, which shows that the person is not alone in this fight and struggle.

  • Eating disorder plan may include:
  • Medical monitoring
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Education regarding eating disorder
  • Family therapy
  • Group or individual therapy

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