Smoking is injurious to health


Smoking, in doubt is associated with mortality and affects every system and organ of a body because of the presence of 4000 chemicals in cigarettes. There are many harmful effects of smoking some of which are;


  • Cigarette smoking releases many toxic ingredients in the body which affects the functioning of every system of a body.
  • Carbon monoxide causes obstruction in carrying oxygen by red blood cells making them affected.
  • Nicotine is a chemical released by smoking and reaches to brain within 10 seconds. It is also founding breast milk.
  • Smoking causes respiratory systems making immune system weaker.
  • Carcinogens cause abnormal and rapid growth of cells by damaging the genes that control these attributes.
  • Smoking increases the oxidative stress which leads to rapid aging process, cancer development and cardiovascular disease.
  • Chronic inflammation can also cause oxidative stress.
  • In comparison to nonsmokers, the level of antioxidants in smoker’s blood is lower.
  • Smoking has increased the risk of developing heart attack, lung cancer, hypertension, emphysema, stroke, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, facial wrinkles, lower estrogen level for women, sudden infant death syndrome, ear and respiratory infections. Smoking during pregnancy causes cervical cancer, spontaneous abortion, perinatal mortality,low birth weight and prematurity thus leading to a fetal tobacco syndrome.

Effects of Marijuana-a smoking weed to the brain

Apart from its negative effects, there are some positive effects too as it is beneficial for the treatment of AIDS,glaucoma,cancer,chronic pain and multiple sclerosis. It imparts severe loss to the central nervous system leading to memory loss and movement impairment. Chemicals in marijuana cannabinoids and THC have a long term effect on a user’s nervous system. It hinders the normal communication between the neurons. Chronic anxiety, depression and emotional disturbances are other effects.

User thinks that marijuana can help unwind their stress and tensions, but at the same time they may develop emotion impairment and can have laughter at one time while paranoia the next. Smoking marijuana causes same changes in the brain like those caused by cocaine, alcohol and heroine.

Cannabis or marijuana is considered innocuous by many people, but in reality, it is extremely dreadful and has destroyed many lives and families.


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  2. you sould also mention the reasons for which our people do smoking.Like me many of the people whom you are trying to convience have seen doctors smoking.
    if people smoke to release tention then I think it is good as tention itself is a root cause of many diseases and if one can release through smoking then it is good.

  3. DR ADNAN says:

    @Asnaf khattak,
    ‘Tension’ is lay man word for ‘anxiety’.Anxiety is due to imbalance between various brain neurotansmitters e.g GABA,serotonin etc.Smoking is an addiction not a treatment.Anxiety makes the patient to use these illicit drugs to relieve his symptoms.This do provide a temporary relief but makes u an addict.I hope u must be knowing the adverse effects of smoking.Here i qoute an example of a cocaine addict,who use cocaine to relieve his tensions.So wht do u think?Is cocaine a treatment or a poison?I hope u got the difference.

  4. tahnks Dr adnan sb I am a non smoker yet I see many doctors who are chain smokers though this is not a support to my argue.
    also thanks to Tayyaba Ahmad

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  6. Leon Roswell says:

    I agree with the above post. Personally I cannot see why you would not want to make an effort in this regard anyway. Only the other day, at work we had exactly the same conversation and came to a similar closing

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