What is Acne and its causes?


Acne among which acne vulgaris is one of the most common types of acne, as it affects not only teenagers but also people above 40.Acne can appear as pimples,blackheads,whiteheads,comedones,pustules,cysts(boils or deep pimples).


The blemishes can occur where there are oil/sebaceous glands that may be on chest, face and back.

Main causes of acne

There is not a single cause of acne but infact a group of causes. Acne produced when sebaceous glands are stimulated by male hormone, progesterone around puberty period. Sometimes skin cells block the openings of sebaceous glands and consequently produce a buildup of oil underneath. load testing websites This oil accumulation makes the bacteria on one’s skin to be active which then cause inflammation of nearby cells. Pustule is a skin surface inflammation while pimple and cyst are deeper inflammations.

Blackhead forms if oil accumulates skin pigment melanin and oxidized thus changes its color from white to black but if oil comes to the surface it forms white head.

There are some factors that do not cause acne and includes:

Food: Fried foods, junk foods, chocolate and pizza do not cause acne.

Stress: Stress due to acne isn’t a leading cause of its occurrence.

Cosmetics: water-based or oil free cosmetics do not cause acne.

Hormones: Hormones don’t play much role in causing acne unless a woman have abnormal menstrual periods or excess hair growth on their body, oral contraceptive pills can provide relief. Pregnancy, in some cases, as reported by many women has a variable effect on acne.

Dirt: Sweat and dirt does not cause acne as blackheads are a form of oxidized oil.

Heredity: It is a misconception that acne is a heredity problem but in fact, it’s not the case. Every one has to face it once in their life.

Some drugs like steroids may worse the acne problem. At some sites of former acne lesions there can develop scars which generally fade with time as well as by using certain non-comedogenic products. Acne Rosacea is more sever form of acne in late 40s and early 50s.


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