Get charming smile by adopting simple teeth whitening methods


Everyone loves healthy teeth. Healthy teeth not only adds charm to a bright smile but also depicts how much one cares for a better dental health.Discoloured teeth makes anyone feel more uncomfortable and self-conscious.


There may be many causes behind the discoloration of teeth. One of them is the excessive use of antibiotics (tetracycline) or fluoride. Others may be infection and excessive daily use of coffee, tea, soft drinks, nicotine and alcohol. With the passage of time, the tooth enamel erodes, causing stains and thus discoloration. The most obvious treatment for tooth discoloration is the teeth whitening techniques as described in this article of teeth whitening.

There are several teeth whitening products available in the market such as teeth whitening pastes, whitening strips, paint-on whitening gel and bleaching solutions in a mouthguard.

The following are given some home made remedies for teeth whitening.

Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in the form of a tooth paste. Brushing teeth regularly with this paste will remove all stains from the teeth. Rubbing the teeth with orange peel and the bark of walnut tree also helps in removing any stain.

Strawberries are generally considered teeth whiteners and rubbing the teeth with strawberries will make teeth stains free and white. Brushing the teeth regularly with apple cidar vinegar at night is also effective. For more teeth whitening, use hard wood ash as it contains teeth whitening agent-potassium hydroxide.

Discoloration can be prevented by brushing the teeth after every meal. For this, you can also add equal amounts of lemon juice and salt and then apply to yellow spots on the teeth. This would be an effective home remedy for teeth whitening. Excess intake of tea, coffee, smoking and carbonated drinks should be avoided. Gargling with a cup of warm water and half teaspoonful of rock salt at night is helpful in preventing many tooth problems. The simplest procedure of all is to drop some drops of lemon juice on your tooth brush before brushing and avoid using too hot and too cold drinks as well.


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