What Is Liver Cancer?


Basically the liver cancer is a cancer that starts in our liver. There are two main types of liver cancer.Hepatoma and cholangiocarcinoma. Hepatoma is a primary liver cancer. Cholangiocarcinoma is a bile duct cancer. Liver cancer can also be categorized as primary and secondary liver cancer, latter one being more crucial for liver cancer symptoms. In most cases, liver cancer starts due to cancer in another organ.Liver-cancer

Signs of liver cancer may refer to those that are usually not diagnosed by the doctor.Signs of liver cancer, if strictly speaking, refer to those that are not apparent to the patient. The word “symptoms of liver cancer” is more general in meaning to be used under the context of liver cancer. Liver cancer signs and liver cancer symptoms may vary for an individual liver cancer patient.

Primary liver cancer starts in main liver cells while secondary liver cancer originates in bile duct and thus called bile duct cancer. Liver cancer survival rate indicates a specified length of time for which a cancer patient survives with liver cancer. Liver cancer prognosis depends on end stage liver cancer or in other words it depends on the extent of cirrhosis and liver cancer. In case of liver cancer, the liver is one of the most important places where metastases grow.

Liver cancer or hepatic tumors are diagnosed on medical imaging. Primary liver cancer is rarely diagnosed in persons younger than 40 years. Liver cancer can only be cured if it is diagnosed in the early stages of liver cancer.

Cancer of the liver is most common in developing countries. The liver filters the blood of our body and converts all the nutrients and drugs into chemicals readily absorbed by our body. Since all the blood usually passes through the liver, it is accessible to cancer cells that travel in the bloodstream. In this way liver and pancreatic cancer are closely related. Other functions of liver include removing toxins and chemicals from blood and make them ready for excretion.


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