Mesothelioma Cancer Stages


Mesothelioma staging process indicates how far cancer has prevailed in the patient body. Mesothelioma cancer has five stages named as stage I, stage II, stage III, stage IV and recurrent cancer stage. All these stages are categorized as localized, advanced and recurrent. Stage I falls under the category of Localized mesothelioma because it is a first stage of cancer .The cancer in stage_ I does not spread completely in the areas like lymph nodes. Mesothelioma disease’s   II, III and IV Stages are known for the advanced category of cancer .Advanced category of mesothelioma refers to a situation when a cancer has been rapidly widespread in the different areas of patient’s body. While the recurrent mesothelioma stage describes the condition in which the cancer has recurred or come again after the treatment.

healthgiants_Stages_of_Mesothelioma_CancerMesothelioma staging process is a method that is used in diagnosing the apparent stage of a cancer so that feasible treatment is started by a doctor. This process is helpful in getting the complete idea about the most affected areas where cancerous cells are growing. Different tests and procedures like Chest x-ray, CT scan and MRI are utilized by a doctor in order to detect the exact stage of mesothelioma cancer.

In localized malignant mesothelioma or stage I cancer spreads in the followings areas like chest wall lining, lung lining, diaphragm lining or May also in the sac lining that covers the heart. In stage II of Advanced mesothelioma cancerous cells grow more rapidly in the lining of chest or lining of sac on the chest’s side or in the lining of diaphragm. In stage III of Advanced mesothelioma cancer prevails in the areas like the chest wall, heart, beyond the diaphragm and the peritoneum. In stage IV of advanced mesothelioma cancer spreads in the areas of distant organs or tissues. Recurrent stage is a phase in which cancer has come back in the chest and abdomen areas or somewhere else.



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