What Is Lymphedema?


Lymphedema is an abnormal build up of fluid that builds up in legs or arms as legs or arm lymphedema. Lymphedema is caused by surgery when lymph modes have been removed during cancer treatment especially during breast cancer surgery showing signs of lymphedema.This can cause fluid to be built up in the arm. The cause of lymphedema may be the injury from a broken bone or in other case surgery to fix a broken bone also produces symptoms of lymphedema. Lymphedema is a debilitating condition (as evident from lymphedema pictures) with no known cure as lymphedema treatments depends on an exercise for lymphedema.


Lymphedema is also known as lymphatic obstruction followed by tissue swelling due to fluid retention. Body tissues with lymphedema are at risk of infection. The basic treatment for lymphedema depends on how you keep your body involve in various exercises to make this retained fluid move in the body. There are two types of lymphedema i.e. primary and secondary. Primary lymphedema is rare and is caused by the abnormalities in the lymphatic vessels or the absence of certain lymph vessels. Secondary lymphedema is caused as a result of interruption or blockage that alters the flow of lymph to the lymphatic system which can develop due to infection, surgery, malignancy, trauma, deep vein thrombosis, radiation, cancer treatment or scar formation.

Lymphedema is first observed by a patient itself as an abnormality or increased circumference of an extremity.Lymphedema symptoms may cause fatigue due to increase in size and weight of an extremity.


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