What Is Leprosy?


Leprosy or Hansen’s disease (HD) is a chronic infectious disease and caused by bacteria Mycobacterium leprae and Mycobacterium lepromatosis.Leprosy is basically a granulomatous disease of mucosa of upper respiratory tract and peripheral nerves. Skin lesions are included in signs and symptoms of leprosy. Leprosy results in damage of peripheral nerves, skin, eyes, testes and mucous membrane of the nose. Leprosy ranges from mild to severe. History of leprosy has been known since biblical times as bible leprosy. The diagnosis of leprosy is suggested by the symptoms of leprosy and is confirmed by a biopsy of the tissues which are affected by leprosy.


Similarly biopsies are done for many other ailments like liver biopsy, breast biopsy and lung biopsy. Leprosy photos or leprosy pictures give much leprosy information. Leprosy information sources include leprosy charts and leprosy images also. As a result of leprosy people become disfigured and disabled visibly. Leprosy can be treated with antibiotics and can’t cause death as it is not contagious but leprosy can cause anxiety as a result of this people with leprosy and their family members become psychic.

Almost all forms of diseases like leprosy can cause sensory loss in the skin, nerve damage in arms and leg and muscle weakness and fatigue. People with long term leprosy usually lose the use of their feet and hands as a result of repeated injury due to lack of sensation. It is difficult to answer how is leprosy spread. Leprosy can develop at any age.


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