Causes and Symptoms of Eye Cancer


Genetics is not a cause of eye cancer but plays a role to cause eye cancer. It is believed that in case of eye cancer retinoblastoma, eye cancer is not hereditary if it develops in one eye.However, eye cancer is hereditary if it develops in both eyes. Those patients who have an eye cancer retinoblastoma usually have a rare risk of tumor development in the brain. The cause of intraocular melanoma is not clear. Age is also a factor in the cause of eye cancer. Eye cancer is most common in white people.This page explains the causes and symptoms of eye cancer

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There are several eye cancer symptoms. There are many eye cancer conditions that can cause symptoms of eye cancer. The eye cancer symptoms include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Watery eyes
  • Pain in or around the eye
  • Partial or complete loss of eye sight
  • Bulging of one eye

If the above symptoms of eye cancer appear and persists one should contact ophthalmologist. There are no eye cancer symptoms in the early stages of eye cancer.

Usually eye cancer may also cause:

  • Loss of peripheral vision-one can see what is clear straight ahead but cannot see around its sides
  • Seeing flashes of light and spots called floaters which are usually a natural part of getting old.
  • A dark spot on the iris which is a colored part of the eye.

Pain in case of eye cancer is rare. There is a pain in eye cancer only in case if the cancer has spread to the outside of the eye.


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