What Is Brain Tumor?


Brain tumors result from the abnormal growth of brain cells. Brain tumor and signs of brain tumor arise from primary brain cells that form other components of brain i.e. blood vessels or membranes or it can be metastatic brain tumor, which is caused when cancer cells from other organs spread to the brain via bloodstream and cause brain tumor warning signs as well as different types of brain tumor. Although many growths in the brain are called brain tumor even though not all brain tumors are cancerous. Brain cancer is a term usually used for malignant brain tumor.


Tumors may be cancerous (malignant), non cancerous (benign) and invasive (spread to the nearby areas).Brain tumors are classified based upon the exact site of the tumor, benign or malignant nature of the tumor, the type of tissue involved and so many other factors as well. Brain tumor can occur at any age. Unlike malignant brain tumor, benign brain tumors do not spread to other parts of the body but benign brain tumors can still cause many other problems in the brain. Brain tumor that result from abnormal division of the brain cells is the primary brain tumor.Metastatic brain tumor is much common than primary brain tumor.

Brain tumor varies in its growth rate and its ability to cause early symptoms of brain tumor. The cells in aggressive, fast growing brain tumor appear to be abnormal microscopically. Brain tumor radiotherapy can be done with surgery and chemotherapy but not all types of brain tumor respond to chemotherapy. Although brain tumor and cell growth in this region is uncontrolled so it is important to keep a check on signs and symptoms of brain tumor. According to Swedish study on brain tumor and cell phone use, it is concluded that extensive cell phone use has linked to brain tumor.


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