Pregnancy and Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in pregnant women. Breast feeding is an effective way to protect from breast cancer. Breast cancer research has shown that average patient is between 32 to 38 years old. Inflammatory breast cancer is an aggressive form of breast cancer and gets it name from red, swollen and inflamed appearance of breasts. Breast cancer during pregnancy can increase with the delay in childbearing.

pregnancy and breast cancer

Abortion does not improve chances of mother to survive from breast cancer and secondly breast cancer does not harm the baby. It is essential to identify any suspicious lumps in women’s breasts. This will help to identify signs of breast cancer,breast cancer awareness and biological therapy. Breast cancer tumors in pregnant women are larger and advanced than the lumps in woman of same age but not pregnant. Pregnancy itself does not cause breast cancer. Hormonal changes during breast cancer can accelerate its growth.

Pregnancy and breast cancer are related in the sense that some women detect symptoms of breast cancer during pregnancy while some women cannot. Most nipple discharges and lumps are not cancerous. Breast cancer occurs in one in 3,000 to one in 10,000 of all women who are pregnant. Breast cancer increases with age.

Breast cancer during pregnancy occurs due to increased levels of hormones estrogen and progesterone. Nipples become sore and breasts become tender a few weeks after conception. There is a rapid breast enlargement during first eight years of pregnancy indicating signs of breast cancer. Breast ducts are stimulated by estrogens and progesterone cause glandular tissues to expand.If breast cancer is found in early stages, the doctor may remove the suspicious lumps or the affected breast, later one being the preferred treatment for breast cancer.


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