What Is Cervical Cancer?


Cervical cancer is a cancer in the cervix which is the lower narrow part of the uterus(where uterine cancer develops). Cervical cancer is found at an early stage through a Pap test. Cervical cancer is the most fatal and alarming disease after breast cancer among women. Cervical cancer symptoms cause a life threatening condition. Signs of cervical cancer develop as a result of a persistent infection which is infact due to a cancer causing virus known as Human papillomavirus (HPV) so hpv and cervical cancer are closely related.cervical cancer

Consistent follow-ups and vigilant screening for a better cervical cancer treatment are also vital but unfortunately according to cervical cancer facts 20% of the cervical cancer cases go undetected with available testing techniques. The virus causing cervical cancer is mostly under diagnosed and nobody can say if they have been infected or not. When cervical cancer is diagnosed in patients, it is usually in its advanced stage leaving least chances of survival. Cervical cancer radiation therapy is of internal type in which a radioactive material is placed inside vagina.

Every two minutes in the world, a woman is dying of cervical cancer. The introduction of cervical cancer vaccine is a milestone in the history of cervical cancer treatment but it should also be kept in mind that cervical cancer vaccine may not be able to cure or treat cervical cancer in most cases and you can still get cervical cancer after having the vaccination. When cervical cancer vaccination is used along with screening process it has proved to be more effective.


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