What Is Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer?


Cancer is a disease in which the body cells starts abnormal functioning, similar case is with uterine cancer, and the cells divide rapidly to form a tumor called uterine cancer. Cancer of the uterus is actually cancer in the womb which is a hollow, pear shaped organ where baby grows during pregnancy of a woman indicating clear signs of uterine cancer. There are different types of uterine cancer with different signs and symptoms of uterine cancer.

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Uterine cancer is a cancer that affects the uterus of female reproductive system. The most common type usually starts in the endometrium, so uterine cancer is also called endometrial cancer which is the most prevalent type of uterine cancer. Cancer can also start in the muscle layer (supporting connective tissue) of the uterus and belong to the group of cancers which are called sarcomas. Uterine cancer signs mostly occur after menopause. Uterine cancer may also occur at the time of start of menopause. Uterine cancer, when looked under microscope has features of both sarcoma and endometrial cancers.

Uterine cancer and endometrial carcinoma has many things in common which is also an answer to a basic question is endometrial and uterine cancer the same? These cancers are similar in their mode of spread, treatment and risk factors. Both make up 4% of uterine cancers. Uterine cancer and endometrial carcinoma are also called malignant mixed mesodermal tumors or malignant mixed mullerian tumors (MMMTs).

Uterine cancer is less common than endometrial carcinoma. In case of uterine cancer, prior pelvic radiation therapy for uterine cancer may increase the risk in some women. Some women with increased risk of uterine cancer will never develop uterine cancer while some women with uterine cancer usually do not represent any risk of developing uterine cancer.


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