Diagnosis and Treatment Of Lymphoma


Usually the doctor gets an idea of diagnosis from the symptoms of lymphoma and by performing a physical examination which is done by feeling swollen lymph glands. This procedure will lead doctor to perform further tests to get the treatment for lymphoma.Doctors may adopt the following steps for a diagnosis of lymphoma.

lymphoma tretamnt

  • Take medical history of a patient
  • A thorough physical examination which detect enlarged lymph node, spleen or liver
  • Blood tests to check kidney and liver function
  • Biopsy is done

There are number of ways regarding treatment for lymphoma but the exact and clear course of treatment depends on many factors including the type of lymphoma present, how fast it is growing, lymphoma spread rate and the general health of a patient.

Treatment for lymphoma is done by radiotherapy for patients who are in stage 1 and stage 2 lymphomas as it induces long term remissions and sometimes it even cures lymphoma. For the treatment of stage 3 and stage 4 lymphomas it is suggested to start an intensive therapy after diagnosis to achieve complete remission.

Treatment for lymphoma consists of chemotherapy or high dose radiotherapy or both. Intensive treatment for lymphoma by radiotherapy is risky but it induces high rates of remission. The overall options of treatment for lymphoma includes radiotherapy, chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants.However, the options are strictly individual as the course of treatment depends on the illness of a patient for better recovery.


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