Treatment of Malaria by Home Remedies


Malaria treatment at home

Malaria treatment is done with oral antimalarial drugs and fluids in much of the world. Severe malarial infections require IV drug therapy. Malaria disease is usually first treated in the hospital but for home care malaria treatment the most important aspect is that patient should drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration. Malaria cure by malaria vaccination is another treatment of malaria.


Malaria treatment by Datura:

The leaves of datura plant are very useful in treating malarial fever.

Malaria treatment using Fever Nut:

Another treatment of malaria is seeds of fever nut plant. About six grams of the seeds should be taken with a cup of water before the onset of malarial fever.

Malaria treatment by grape fruit:

Infact, grape fruit is among the most effective home remedies for malaria. But it should be taken daily. Grape fruit contains natural quinine like substance that can be extracted from grape fruit by boiling grape fruit and the staining its pulp.

Malaria treatment by Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is generally regarded as a very valuable remedy for the malaria treatment.

Malaria treatment by lime and lemon:

Lime and lemon water should be taken before the onset of malaria fever.

Malaria diet:

Diet is very important for the treatment of malaria.

Malaria diet includes:

  • Fresh orange juice
  • Fresh fruit diet
  • Raw vegetables
  • Well-balanced diet

Other malaria treatments:

  • Warm water enema
  • Cold pack application to the whole body
  • Prevent malaria mosquito bites
  • Cleanliness of the surrounding areas

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