Diagnosis and Treatment of AIDS-Related Cancer


AIDS-related cancer patients are given treatment different from patients of lymphoma who do not have AIDS.AIDS-related cancer grows faster and spread to other organs of the body. It is because cancer therapy already damages the weak immune system. AIDS-related cancer patients are usually treated with lower cancer doses.

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Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS-related cancer is done by lab tests, biopsies, imaging tests, endoscopies and all methods used for diagnosis of cancer. Treatment plan is developed after confirmation of cancer and then different stages of cancer are determined.

HIV/AIDS-related cancer treatment varies depending on type of cancer which is diagnosed. Common methods used for cancer treatment include radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery.However; patients with HIV/AIDS face a challenge in the type of cancer treatment because of low white blood cell counts and a weakened immune system. All these factors complicate the cancer treatment.But, sometimes anti- HIV therapy leads to better results too.

There are three HIV transmission routes which are:

  • Unprotected sexual contact between partners
  • Exposure to infected body fluids or tissues
  • Mother to fetus or child during child birth period

Currently no HIV/AIDS treatment is there except antiviral therapy but these drugs are expensive and majority of the HIV/AIDS infected individuals do not have access to these antiviral drugs.


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