Causes of Bone Cancer


Bone cancer is actually an uncommon cancer that begins in a bone of a person. Bone cancer can originate in any bone as symptoms of bone cancer are not specific to a particular bone. There are many causes of bone cancer that may result in mild to severe bone cancer symptoms.

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Bone cancer symptoms or signs of bone cancer show that long bones like arms or legs are mostly affected by bone cancer. The causes of bone cancer are just similar to those of a common cancer.

The exact cause of bone cancer is unknown. The doctors rarely indicate the exact cause of bone cancer.However; it is evident that bone cancer is not a contagious disease. Bone cancer develops in person who has some risk factors to develop this condition. Risk factors, itself do not cause bone cancer, rather they increase the risk and chances to develop bone cancer.

There are some risk factors to which bone cancer is linked.

  • People with hereditary retinoblastoma
  • Family history of bone cancer
  • Being a child a child or young adult
  • Previous radiation or chemotherapy
  • History of Paget’s disease.

The doctor’s advice will be based on medical history, person’s age and other related factors


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