Diagnosis of jaundice


Patient’s eyes and complexion color generally indicates the diagnosis of jaundice. In order to feel the spleen and liver for enlargement, the doctor will ask the patient to lie on the examining table. The doctor will then evaluate the abdominal pain for diagnosis of jaundice. The doctor will distinguish both obstructive and hepatic jaundice by taking the symptoms of any fever and abdominal pain if it is reported by the patient.

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Detailed examination of blood or bone marrow will helps in the thorough examination of blood. Sometimes a bone marrow biopsy is required but a thorough blood examination is sometimes sufficient. An ultrasound is required for spleen examination. Sometimes a nuclear scan is suggested if satisfactory information is not obtained through nuclear scan. Blood studies alone can be helpful to diagnose jaundice but sometimes a biopsy is required for the clarification of doubtful conditions. In case of biopsy, a tissue sample is taken and sent to the laboratory.

Biliary system diseases are identified by means of imaging techniques. After swallowing some contrast agent which is secreted into the bile.X-rays are taken. This will be helpful to study functional and anatomical aspects of disease.


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