Treatment of Bone Cancer


After the diagnosis of bone cancer, the next step is the bone cancer treatment. There are many methods available to treat bone cancer. The best treatment for bone cancer depends on the type of bone cancer, aggressiveness of cancer and whether the cancer can spread to surrounding tissues or not. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are among the most common methods of treatment of bone cancer.

bone-cancer treat

The main objective of surgery is to remove the entire tumor. After removing the tumor a pathologist examines if there is any sign of bone cancer and the cancer stage. A surgeon will replace the part of bone removed with some material. Chemotherapy is used prior to surgery which can shrink the bone tumor to make it easy for surgery.

The bone cancer treatment plan includes:

  • Surgery to remove the entire bone cancer
  • Surgery to remove a limb
  • Surgery to remove the cancer sparing the limb
  • Surgery for cancer not affecting the limbs
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Biphosphonates

There are some effective and safe ways to treat bone cancer pain. Medications in this regard plays an effective role.


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