Diagnosis of Diarrhea


Diagnosis of diarrhea is made on the symptoms of diarrhea. Mostly acute diarrhea cases never need any diagnosis and diarrhea treatment as in most cases they are mild producing few problems. But patients with such diarrhea symptoms like fever over 102۫۫۫ F, bloody bowel movements, severe abdominal pain, signs of dehydration and immune disease before using antibiotics need prompt medication and diarrhea treatment.

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Parasites examination and stool culture are most important steps regarding diarrhea diagnosis. These diagnostic tests can often end up with negative results as in many patients these tests diagnose nothing particular to diarrhea symptoms. However it is quite possible that earlier culture can yield positive results. Patients who are taking antibiotics for a long time should have their stool examination for antibiotic associated colitis.

Diarrhea diagnostic tests are helpful to detect any blood cells in stool. Moreover they can indicate severe colon inflammation too.Endoscopy helps to determine the severity of colon inflammation. Chronic and acute diarrhea can be diagnosed with same tests as sometimes symptoms shown by both of them are roughly same. Key diagnostic symptoms include blood in stool, weight loss up to 10 lb and sometimes nocturnal diarrhea. You can also read What Is Diarrhea.


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