Diagnosis of anemia


Anemia diagnosis is done by providing your doctor with detailed anemia symptoms. Doctor will take medical history, perform physical exam and order laboratory tests for anemia diagnosis. Doctor will look into the anemia symptoms for anemia of chronic disease and other physical clues showing warning signs for anemia, for a complete anemia treatment. Blood tests not only confirm the anemia diagnosis but also help to understand a better way for anemia treatment.

anemia diagnosis

  • Complete blood count which is done to confirm size, number, volume ad hemoglobin content.
  • Blood iron and ferritin level which is a best indicator of body’s total iron reserves and iron deficiency anemia.
  • Folate and vitamin B12 level.
  • There are some special blood test to detect some rare causes of anemia like immune attack on red blood cells, defects of enzymes and red blood cells fragility.
  • For hemolytic anemia, tests are done that require identifying the breakdown products of RBCs in blood and urine.
  • In rare cases regarding bone marrow and anemia, doctors need to remove a bone marrow sample to determine the causes of anemia.

Anemia does not involve in creating symptoms always so the doctor has to check other symptoms as well.


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