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Symptoms and pain of migraine headaches can be relieved by migraine headache treatment. It will prevent further attacks of migraine. Two approaches are used to treat migraine i.e. Abortive and preventive. The main objective of abortive migraine treatment is to stop it once it starts in patient.

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The medications used for abortive treatment of migraine are given to those patients who vomit during a headache. Preventive treatment of migraine is used if migraine patient has more than one migraine attack per weak. The main objective of this treatment is to lessen the severity and frequencies of migraine headache attacks.Antidepressants are included in preventive migraine treatment.

Non medication therapies for migraine include:

  • Using biofeedback, ice and relaxation techniques are helpful in preventing migraine attack once it has started.
  • Sleep is the best medicine for migraine headache providing migraine headache relief.
  • Migraine triggers include smoking and avoiding foods rich in tyramine and sulphates as in wines and nitrates.

Acupuncture has been suggested as a useful migraine therapy. A healthy life style, good nutrition, adequate intake of fluids, exercise and sufficient sleep are also helpful. Pain killers and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs also provide migraine relief.


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