How Asthma can be cured by Homeopathic asthma treatment?


Homeopathy can be successfully used as an alternative treatment for asthma. The main purpose of homeopathic asthma treatment is to build a body’s self defense system. This can reduce any allergic side effects or reactions in a body causing asthma type allergies.

Many homeopathic asthma treatment medications are used based on patient’s symptoms. Commonly used medicines include arsenic, spongia and ipecac. Sometimes respirators can also be used as an additional asthma treatment and prevention. Homeopathic doses should be given in drops or in minute amounts. This treatment is best suited for chronic illness.

Homeopathy makes use of body’s own healing potential. As far as many side effects regarding conventional treatment of asthma are concerned there are no side effects of homeopathic medication.Other medicines include arsenicum album, carbo vegetabilis, chamomile,natrum sulfiricum, pulsatilla and nux vomica.These medinces are involved in asthma treatment as well as improving the general health of a patient.


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