Treatment of larynx cancer


Before starting larynx cancer treatment plan, the doctor first needs to know the extent and stages of cancer. People with larynx cancer should take an active part in decision making process of larynx cancer treatment. The goal of larynx cancer treatment is to remove it completely to prevent cancer spread to other parts of the body. When a small tumor is there surgery and radiation therapy can be used as a larynx cancer treatment option.

Larynx_cancer treatmnt

There are some cases in which doctor have not any choice of treatment of larynx cancer.The doctor may advise that the surgery is best option because of the position and stage of larynx cancer.When a tumor grows larger, a combination of radiation and chemotherapy are used. Some patients need surgery by which all or parts of vocal cords are removed.

The patient is given his own choice which treatment method he wants to adopt in case of early larynx cancer stages.Radiotherapy is generally considered to better larynx cancer treatment option than surgery.

A combination of larynx cancer treatments may be adoptedĀ  and it is important to seek advice from multidisciplinary team of doctors who deals with different aspects of larynx cancer treatment.


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