Treatment of food allergy


The treatment of food allergy like diagnosis of food allergy is complex. This syndrome is not a big problem for those nations who think that for every ill there is a pill. Food allergy treatment is given from several directions like:

food alergy treatment

  • Strengthening the patient with different nutritional supplements
  • Combating against allergens
  • Strengthen patient’s immune system

There are special diets that are used for the treatment of food allergies. If the patient has allergy to one of the foods, the simple treatment is to remove that food item from the diet. This sort of treatment option is followed for food allergies in children and infants with peanut anaphylaxis. If a patient is allergic of milk and milk products, simply remove dairy products from the diet.

The doctors generally prescribe rotation diets with varying degrees and strictness which depends on the severity of allergy.Food allergy can be treated by avoiding specific allergen in diet. People having severe food allergies should be prepared in a way to treat an anaphylactic reaction. Antihistamines can be used for the treatment of different forms of allergy like sneezing, running nose and gastrointestinal symptoms while bronchodilators can be used to relieve asthma symptoms.


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