Chakra Clearing


Chakra clearing is a fabulous technique that is employed by a person to re-energize him.  With the mean of this technique you are better able to deal with blockage and hurdles that come into your way of success.  The best part of this process is that the toxic energy moves out from your body while creative energy moves in. This clearing chakra process or technique is really simple and easy to operate; you don’t need to have some kind of special knowledge for this. It is a chakra based meditation that definitely brings positive results in your body.

Before getting information about chakra clearing you must have to know about “Chakra”.   The Chakras are the seven main energy centers of our body. This name is first mentioned in the Hindu ancient books of knowledge, Vedas.  These centers regulate the energy through out our body.   These centers open and close based on our thinking and feeling pattern. Chakra  are not visible but  you may feel them . They play an important role in maintaining mind and body harmonized co-operation. It is said that a specific chakra is associated with some experience, sense and feeling. When we feel depressed and pressurized, a chakra becomes imbalance and in turn we feel illness in our body.  The balance of all seven chakras is essential for proper working of your body and mind that’s why a special kind of technique is utilized for chakra balancing named as Chakra clearing.

There are a number of process that are employed for chakra clearing. The basic purpose of every method and process same, to activate your creative energy and to get rid from your toxic energy  . It means you will get same result from every method of chakra clearing. Tapping session is a simple method of chakra clearing that you may use when you feel tired and disturbed.   Through it you can clear out your whole body system in just 20 minutes. How?

At start you  have to tap each pair of finger in this sequence:

1.      Thumb

2.      Forefinger

3.      Middle-finger

4.      Ring-finger

5.      Little finger

After this tapping you need to rub your hands in a circular approach speedily.  In this manner any type of nervous energy that was stuck will be cleared out . A specific chakra that was clogged up will be opened in  a matter of seconds.  Use this method once and feel the difference!


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