What we commonly think about obsessive compulsive disorder?


Obsessive compulsive disorder abbreviated as OCD, people feel difficulty due to repetitive behavioral actions and distressing thoughts. It has been observed that patient suffers change in functioning of the brain activities regarding movements of body, planning and judgment.

Obsessive compulsive disorder is also affected by stressful events and environmental influences in life which has affected 2-3% people in US. This disease is inherited, but sometimes patients develop OCD symptoms after a depressive event in life. Sometimes people with OCD pretend to be healthy to relieve the symptoms of this disease under compulsion by which they feel relaxed against all fears.

Person with OCD usually have a compulsive behavior which are not activated by obsessions but this uncommon. Repetitive behavior in OCD include counting, washing hands, cleaning and checking that are performed repetitively to provide them relief from anxiety. Without performing these rituals, the anxiety of OCD patients increases because of their unwanted thoughts.


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