What are different causes and obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms?


People suffering with OCD generally suffer with images and unwelcomed thoughts. They usually remain engaged in specific type of ritual because they obsessed with germs and they try washing their hands many times.

Common signs and symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder include:

  • Violent thoughts and sexually explicit images
  • Focus on moral or religious ideas
  • Fear of being a loser
  • Idea of keeping the things in symmetry and order
  • Superstitious beliefs
  • Fear of being harmed or causing harm to others
  • Fear or germ contamination

OCD is usually accompanied by eating disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, personality and substance abuse disorder. There are many co-existing disorders that make OCD diagnosis and treatment difficult. OCD symptoms are also seen to be associated with many other neurological disorders. Causes of OCD also emphasize on attitudes and beliefs of people.


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