What is cerebral palsy?


Cerebral palsy is a group of diseases in which a person is unable to move and sustain the impacts of posture and balance as well. The disorders and signs of cerebral palsy usually appear in the first year of life. In general, they worsen over time. People having cerebral palsy may feel difficulty in walking. They can also face problems with tasks including using scissors or writing. Some people may have other medical ailments which includes seizure disorders and mental disabilities.

Effects of cerebral palsy occur when the brain regions of motion and posture are not developed properly or get damaged. Signs of cerebral palsy generally appear before the age of 3 years. Babies having cerebral palsy are usually slow to walk, smile, crawl, sit and roll. Some babies have this disease by birth while others have it only after birth.
There is no particular cure for cerebral palsy, but there is a hope of cerebral palsy treatment. Treatment includes speech therapy, medicines and braces.


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