What are the causes of cerebral palsy?


Causes of cerebral palsy or mild cerebral palsy include destruction to brain’s control center. Brain injuries can cause cerebral palsy. However, sometimes main causes of cerebral palsy are not fully understood. Birth injuries and a poor or rough supply of oxygen to control centers of brain are also some of the causes of cerebral palsy.

Causes of cerebral palsy are the direct result of postnatal, prenatal and perinatal factors.Many risk factors of cerebral palsy include infection, thyroid disorder, seizure disorder and many other related major medical factors.

Brain injury can be caused by high bilirubin level in the blood, trauma, sepsis, meningitis and dehydration. Cerebral palsy facts have shown some signs of cerebral palsy that can lead to proper diagnosis of cerebral palsy.  Brain damage to certain parts of brain occur during start of pregnancy, however the exact cause of this brain damage is still unknown.


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