What is the diagnosis and aplastic anemia treatment?


Diagnosis of aplastic anemia is made by taking a complete medical history of a patient. Physical examination of a child is necessary for complete diagnostic procedures of aplastic anemia. These diagnostic procedures of aplastic anemia include:

  • Blood tests
  • Biopsy

Biopsy includes taking a fluid from hip bones that will be examined for size, maturity and blood cell number. Aplastic anemia treatment is based on:

Aplastic anemia treatment depends on different underlying causes. Sometimes patient recovers after a treatment but relapses may occur. Aplastic anemia treatment is supportive in the initial stages to treat low red blood cells count. This supportive therapy for aplastic anemia treatment includes:

Bleeding and infection pose serious risk to aplastic anemia. The activities which can lead to these injuries should be avoided lie dental work, contact sports and traveling at high altitudes.


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