What is beriberi?


Beriberi is a name given to a disease caused by the deficiency to vitamin of B1 so this disease is also called thiamine deficiency disease. Most foods are now rich in vitamins so beriberi is no more a common disease caused by nutrition deficiency these days.

However, genetic beriberi is an inherited disease and passes from families to families. People with this disease are unable to absorb vitamin B1 from the foods they take. This process happens with the passage of time and its symptoms appear in an adult person. People who abuse alcoholic products are the common sufferers of beriberi disease.

Beriberi can also occur in breast feeding mothers because at this stage sometimes they lack thiamine in their body. In most cases doctors neglect the diagnosis of beriberi because they usually consider the case or non-alcoholics. Beriberi risk increases when a patient undergoes dialysis. Risk also increases when a patient takes large diuretic doses.


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