What are sprains and strains?


A sprain is an injury occurred to a ligament. Sprains affect wrists and ankles. In contrast to sprains, strain is basically an injury to tendon or a muscle which is caused as a result of overuse of a particular muscle or a tendon. Muscles help in movement of bones and joints. Muscles contract the tendons and cause a joint to move.

  • There are three areas on which damage occurs by strain.
  • Tearing of a muscle
  • Area of tearing where both muscles and tendons usually blend
  • Tendon rupture

Ligaments allow the joints to move in random directions. Joints which allow movement in more than one plane need more ligament groups for anchoring and the ligaments get anchored on both sides of a joint. If this ligament get stretched or torn apart, the injury thus produced is known as sprain. Back sprains and strains are also common. Pain in ankle needs ankle sprains treatment.


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