What is common cold? What are the causes of common cold?


The common cold is an infection of upper respiratory tract. Common cold is the most common disease in U.S. Sometimes it is simply declared a common cold contagious and results from different kinds of viruses. Common cold occurs due to variety of different viruses so our body usually fails to develop any specific resistance against all such common cold causing viruses. New viruses for common cold develop constantly.

Colds are the most common and frequent problem in school going children. Elementary and preschool children suffer from common cold 3 to 12 times a year. Adults suffer from common cold 2 to 4 common colds per year and need different remedies for common cold. Common cold is the most common illness in the world today which has become the most frequent cause of visiting hospitals seeking common cold medicines.

Common cold occurs due to dry cold air, infection, smoking and pneumonia. Most common colds are caused by rhinoviruses.


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