What is schizophrenia?


Mental illness schizophrenia is a lifelong and disabling disorder of brain. According to schizophrenia information, one percent Americans are suffering from schizophrenia. People suffering from schizophrenia usually hear different voice and see thing which are not seen by other people. It includes hallucinations and delusions.

In women, schizophrenia starts in early 30’s while in men it starts in early 20’s and is the most common brain disorder among young men in America.
Schizophrenia causes are unknown. Brain chemistry as well as genetic makeup has a significant t role in developing this disease. Schizophrenia treatment including medicines can help relieving many symptoms of schizophrenia but effort is needed to find a right schizophrenia medication. With having suitable schizophrenia treatment, people can live satisfactory lives. Schizophrenia patients walk in haphazard manner. They think that other people are watching their actions, talk and reading their thoughts. More research is needed to become aware with the causes of schizophrenia.


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