Stem Cells: Why They Are Important


Stem cells are part of a new age way to re-create new cells that are designated to a specific cell strain in the body. Since there are over 200 different cells in the body, the variations that come from stem cells can be numerous. Stem cells stamp themselves through mitotic division. These are multi-cellular organisms that can be found from different sources in a persons body and can be made to help renew areas where help is needed. They are considered “blank when found in different areas of the body and can be formed into replacing dead cells that live in the body.

Stem cells can be found in many different places, the most common being bone marrow which can be extracted from the bone and a newborns umbilical chord blood. A new process of stem cell research has shown that liposuction procedures like liposuction chin, arm, breast, tummy and also thigh lipo, is also a new way in which fat cells can be regenerated through stem cells. It can be done on all types of body forms and is a good alternative to other controversial means of extracting stem cells. Stem cells are also being found in the brain (although not very active), baby teeth and amniotic fluid.

Today, liposuction prices tend to be reasonable considering its scientific benefits and can be looked at closer on sites such as Since these liposuction prices can vary, it is important to research them if you are need of having the procedure done. The website gives variables and important information for any interested party.

Stem cells can be extracted by means of bone marrow extraction, peripheral blood apheresis and chord blood harvesting. Although all of these methods have great end results, extraction through already extracted liposuction fat proves to be the easiest way to renew cells through the body. It is also cost effective because the fat areas in the body are already extracted and are ready for regeneration. This is important for those who store chord blood, because the same can be done with liposuction fat. Instead of having a specific procedure done for stem cell growth only, fat tissue will have already been extracted and can be used at a later time if needed.


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