How to claim for Personal Injury?


Mostly the people hesitate to claim for personal injury as they don’t know about its complete process and think that it only the waste of time. It is a not a good practice, you must fight for your right and this process is really simple. You don’t need to pay a single penny for this purpose as the responsible person will bear the expenses and cost of such claim incase he proves guilty. Normally it has been observed that 98 percents claims are concluded within 6-9 months and only 2 percents resolved in the court. The reason is that both parties are not willing to go into the court as this may involve high cost and therefore they try to fix the issue outside the court.

Here is a simple process of making claim for the personal injury in UK:

  • At the start of case, you need to send a” letter of claim” to the responsible party.  The insurer of responsible party will deal with this letter. This claim will be categorized under “Personal Injury Protocol” in England and Wales; the rules for both solicitor and insurer will be provided by this procedure.
  • Under this rules of this protocol, three months will be given to insurer from the date of letter of claim for admitting or denying the liability. If he denies the liability then he has to supply the evidence for the support of arguments.
  • You need to prove your injury and this will be made possible through the medical examination.  Your physical examination will be administered by a doctor; as a rule you go to a doctor on which insurer has full trust. The doctor will provide the report of your injuries to the insurer.
  • After receiving this report, insurer decide on the compensation that he will pay to you.  There is possibility that the compensation expected by your solicitor will not match with the figure that is offered by insurer; usually compensation is settled with the mutual agreement of both parties. In this way, your injury claims UK will reach to the settlement stage and you will get the compensation for  the injury.

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