What is hypothyroidism?


Hypothyroidism produces when there is insufficient thyroid hormone in the body. Thyroid hormone helps in the metabolic functions of the body. Symptoms of hypothyroidism are accompanied by slow metabolic rates. Hypothyroidism is most common among Americans and usually they don’t know about it.

Women are more likely to suffer from hypothyroidism and need natural remedies for hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism disturbs the chemical reactions occurring in the body. Hypothyroidism symptoms are produced in early stages of this disease. Many problems related to health are produced are produced if treatments for hypothyroidism is not taken. These problems include heart disease, infertility, joint pain and obesity.

Insufficient thyroid hormone results because of lack of secretion of thyrotropin releasing hormone or thyrotropin. Many patients suffer with myxedema coma in this condition. Hypothyroidism is also known as underactive thyroid and treated with  hypothyroidism medication.

Thyroid gland in neck makes hormone thyroxin which is carried via bloodstream. Body’s tissues and cells need thyroid hormone (thyroxin) to perform functions properly.


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