What is lyme disease?


Tick bite produces lyme disease. Lyme disease constitutes many lyme disease symptoms. Lyme disease is also called borreliosis or borrelia. This disease is caused by a bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. Usually mice have this type of bacterium. Through ticks the bacterium from mice is passed to individuals and get into the bloodstream of a person.

Due to their small size, ticks are not seen easily. Sometimes tick bite is not felt. In many cases tick bite do not produces lyme disease. Lyme disease is most common in Europe and North America. Deer ticks have the bacterium responsible for lyme disease. Lyme disease transmission occurs when deer ticks passes this bacterium while feeding on the humans or animal blood.

Lyme disease treatment is started with antibiotics in the early stages of this disease. Patient usually recovers in this case. Treatment of lyme disease get slower in the later stages but many people can recover with measures taken for lyme disease prevention.


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