What is bioterrorism?


Bioterrorism is the spread of viruses, bacteria and other germs. Its purpose is to threaten people, causing illness and even death. The biological agents are present in our nature but these agents can also be made to spread particular diseases that also resist a certain medical treatment.Biological agents can spread via food, air and water. They are sometimes unable to be detected. Biological agents may not cause any disease for several days and hours. Some of these agents may also spread from one person to other. Viruses of hemorrhagic fever, anthrax and botulism like smallpox, plague and ebola may be used as important biological agents.

Biodefense provides protection to people and emergency preparedness through medical measures against these biological agents. Biodefense means vaccinations and medicines. Biodefense also includes preparations (bioterrorism preparedness) and medical research that provide defense against biological terrorism. These biological agents can kill and injure people for obtaining political and social goals.


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